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When you feel constantly busy, running around like a hamster in a wheel and you feel you have lost control over your time, you end up feeling overwhelmed.

When this happens it's time for some constraint. It's sounds restrictive, but it’s actually freeing.

If you Google Constraint the meaning is: limitation or restriction you put on yourself that simplifies your life. 

So, when your life feels out of control, or your schedule is running you, it's time to prioritize. What's the one thing you want to work on? What is most important to you right now?

Your brain will try to say that everything is important. You will have thoughts like “If I take one more course, I’ll be ready”, “If a read this other book, I’ll know more” “If I do not check my IG, I’m missing out”, etc. The result is going to be a feeling of being overwhelmed.

The important thing to ask ourselves is, what actions do we take when we are overwhelmed? In short, NONEBeing overwhelmed produces nothing. Just take a moment and analyze the last time you felt overwhelmed? What happened next? Most likely a torrent of thoughts about this and that, but did any of these thoughts help lead you to a clear action or solution?

Your brain needs direction and supervision. It needs one job to focus on. If you keep multitasking, your brain can do it for a limited time, but then becomes fatigued, which produces indecision and becoming overwhelmed.

When you constrain, you:

· Gain mental focus,

· Put your time and energy where you really want it,

· Practice the skill of self-discipline,

· Increase your productivity, and

· Release the desire to do "all things".

When you constrain to one goal, you will start seeing what you can subtract from your life, even if it is just for a while. You are decluttering your mind and life. When you don't constrain, your lack of focus is exhausting. It's like trying to partially clean a messy kitchen, and then moving to the next room, and the next, without ever finishing any one of them. All this creates is more clutter, frustration, stress, anxiety, and nothing is ever accomplished. You are continually making decisions on what to do next, what to eat next, what to listen to next, and the list is endless. When you constrain your attention to one thing, you become laser focused.

Constraint reveals your ability to make a decision and keep to it.

When it gets right down to it, you probably choose to do all “the other things” because they are easier and possibly more fun than what you know is important.

Let's take food, for example. Take the time and find your fuel. Write out on paper what you'll eat and eat only that. You don't have to renegotiate with yourself or be confused. Just decide, then constrain. Again, watch how you behave. Do you make excuses? Small quits? Consider this an amazing experiment as you get to watch your brain react. Just data, no judgment, no drama.

When you slip back into doing all the things, refocus your brain and give it the amazing job of solving and creating in one area. The result will amaze you!

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