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January 20, 2021.

Today I was working on my client database, when suddenly an aha moment came to me. I realized that at least 80% of my clients have spoken to me about the stress they feel around being overweight.

Another thing that I noticed is that they had touched upon the issue and that most had been coached at least once about it, but it was never made a priority for our coaching sessions.

I don’t know if you are like some of my clients, but I think a lot of folks have used sweets to help calm their stress and/or anxieties.

When I’ve asked why they were feeling stress and before deciding to have a something sweet like a pastry, a glass of wine, chocolate, etc.; most of them mentioned thoughts like “I’m so tired”, “I have so many things to do”, “I don’t have enough time” “I feel overwhelmed”. Does this ring a bell?

Now the most interesting thing is that I totally understand where you are coming from because it happens to me too! I have been like some of my clients and for the past two years, I have really set aside the commitment to lose the extra weight.

Why? Well, because I’m human, just like you. My brain says things like “Let’s just have some chips, it's Friday”, “Oh, it’s the weekend”, “well I can always start on Monday… next week, next month”, “I know what to do, I can do it anytime”. The reality, however, is that I’m still at the same place with around 12 extra kilos (26 pounds).

I have taken up jogging with my husband these last 7 weeks, and I am starting to feel inspired… so stay dialed in, as there is definitely more to come.

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