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Depersonalization or disconnection from one’s self: Detached from one’s self. It’s too common for our own good.

Most of the time we don’t think about it, we get into our daily routine and hardly listen to ourselves.

Many times a day, our own inner self tries to connect with us: “hey, maybe we shouldn’t eat that”, “we should try this”, “maybe that’s not a good idea”, “maybe we should do this instead”, but we are so busy, that we ignore ourselves, pretend we don’t hear it, or simply blow it off.

We allow ourselves to "have so many things to do” that we simply ignore ourselves and keep going to the point of feeling overwhelmed, deteriorated, unhappy and exhausted. Some of us even turn into people pleasers, without thinking about what our inner voice has to say. How many times have you had another cup of coffee just to keep you awake; just so you can get one more thing done for work, friends, family, knowing full well that if you do, you won’t be able to get a good night’s sleep because your body is super caffeinated? Again, disregarding your own inner voice...

A strong connection with yourself results in a better understanding of yourself. You can be clearer about what you really want in life and about what matters to you (regardless of what everyone else wants from you). Through a deep inner connection, you can access the underlying source of what truly interests and drives you and your dreams forward with purpose and joy, despite any challenges.

With a greater inner knowing, confidence, enjoyment, enthusiasm, curiosity, learning, all grow, and creative output expands dramatically. This all from having a strong connection with yourself.

Next time you hear your inner voice tell you something, stop, listen, don't ignore it, be aware, and ask yourself, Is my inner voice, right?

Make the time to rediscover yourself !!! 

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